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You are a precious stain
On the corners of my mind;
A bloody, tattered paper
Floating in the wind;
A crack in the window,
An angel on the staircase.

You haunt me in dreaming hours
When the night has long past birthed its day;
Your nails trace down my face
And leave pinpricks of embers.
You spot me shaking,
You try to hide a smile.

You're not a disaster,
But if you were it would be a tragedy
Worthy of Shakespeare;
Your lips haunt me
Like the concrete crevices that shifted to swallow me whole.
Your eyes aren't empty, nor is your soul.

But still you turn to face the moon set
While the sun rises ever high;
Are you aware of your wings
Will you try to fly--
Or am I too close to the edge
To let your words ignite?
Am I choking you
Or are you scared of yourself?

Come to terms with it--the darkness is here, shadows clear,
But you're a constant in the ocean tides.
You're fearing what's near, but they're just games in the end;
You can swallow your mind's lies.
I believe you; I will set forth no goodbyes.
Writing (C) Me
MetaKnightRoxMySox Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
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October 25, 2012
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